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CLASIG is a group for all interested in the narrow gauge railways found outside Europe and North America - their history, equipment, operation and modeling. It is internet based so there are no fees, constitutions, or office bearers.

These railroads are as diverse as the countries they served, but they shared the characteristic of importing their technology, and much of their equipment, from three major sources - the United States, Britain, and Germany, and to a lesser extent France and other European countries. Thus they offer incredible variety, and are often poorly documented.

While not wishing to be too prescriptive, "Narrow Gauge" in this context is usually regarded as narrower than metre gauge. Metre (3'3") and Cape (3'6") gauges were often standard in these countries, and operated and looked like standard gauge railways in other countries.

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Articles, photos etc relating to narrow gauge railways:
World-wide list of 30" Railways
Tractive Effort in Steam Locomotives - A Formula
A comparison between the sizes of various locos in 2', 2'6", and 3' gauges.
A brief history of Peruvian railways, including many narrow gauge lines.
Garratt locomotives on CLASIG railways.

Articles and photos welcome - email here.

The Corinella and Blackwood Forest Tramway website.


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