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C&BFTCo History

A brief, if fictional, history of the Corinella and Blackwood Tramway Company.

Some real historical notes.

Map of the route of the Corinella and Blackwood Forest Tramway.

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Choosing Scale and Gauge

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Lime Industry

Beet Sugar Industry

Dairy Industry


The Corinella and Blackwood Forest Tramway Co. Web Pages

Last updated 11th November 2004

I'm going to use these pages to chronicle the development of my On30 (1:48 scale, 16.5mm gauge) model railway, the Corinella and Blackwood Forest Tramway. The C&BFT is set in southwest Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, and is a freelance railway. Inspiration is drawn from many 2'6" gauge railways around the world, but the core is the Victorian Railways narrow gauge lines, of which "Puffing Billy", the famous preserved railway, was one.

The C&BFT not a down at the heals line, well not yet. It serves a variety of industries that keep its trains fully loaded. To try and make the C&FT as realistic as possible I researched these industries so they fit into the era, locale and traffic patterns of the C&BFT.

You will find links to pages on this site to the left. Use them to discover my plans for the C&BFT and learn something of my experiences modelling the railway.

Otherwise stop by occasionally to see what I've added. Feel free to drop me a line if you wish.

Michael J
Melbourne Australia