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"We hope that there will be fireflies and glow-worms at night to guide you and butterflies in the hedges and forests to greet you. We hope that your dawns will have an orchestra of bird song and that the sound of their wings....will dazzle you. We hope that there will still be extraordinary varieties of creatures sharing the land of the planet with you to enchant you and enrich your lives as they have done for us."
Extract from a letter written by Gerald Durrell to future generations, buried in a time capsule at Jersey Zoo

  • SOUTHERN (formally EASTERN) BETTONG - status Threatened
  • FLUFFY GLIDER - status Endangered
  • EASTERN QUOLL - status Threatened
  • SQUIRREL GLIDER - status Threatened
  • JULIA CREEK DUNNART - status Endangered

Eastern Quoll
Eastern quolls used to be common on mainland Australia, but died out in the 1950's.They are still found in Tasmania, where they are relatively common. Moonlit Sanctuary has bred eastern quolls to establish the most efficient husbandry procedures. We are currently re-apprasing our future involvement with quolls and  their close reletives Tasmanian devils.

We have also hosted research by a Monash University post graduate student to better understand the eastern quolls breeding biology. Such research is a vital aid to conservation, increasing our knowedge of the species. This photo is of one of our quolls born late 2005 who was third generation captive bred at the Sanctuary.

Conservation status:
Global: threatened
Victoria: Extinct
Biosphere: Extinct

Southern Bettong
The only Southern Bettongs on mainland Australia are at Moonlit Sanctuary. The last known Southern (formally Eastern) Bettong in the wild died out in 1890. This insurance population began from two seperate Bettongs who were brought together in 2001 at Moonlit Sanctuary.

They had their first pouch young in 2002 and now have a family of 12. We are currently looking at importing further animals from Tasmania, as the recent establishment of foxes on that island has made the
Conservation status:
Global: not threatened
Victoria: Extinct
Biosphere: Extinct
Squirrel Glider
Our squirrel glider colony delights visitors, and allows us to tell their story. Logging in their home range has removed old growth trees, reducing the availability of nest hollows.

As well as their educative role, the gliders have also been involved in a research project. They breed every year, and we co-operate with zoos and wildlife parks in maintaining a captive population.

Conservation status:
Global: Vulnerable
Victoria: Threatened
Julia Creek Dunnart
Moonlit Sanctuary bred a total of 21 of this endangered carniverous marsupial, as a basis for a breeding conservation program. This program has now been passed onto parks in their home state of Queensland. Julia Creek Dunnarts are small mice sized marsupials, that prey on insects and other small animals.

Conservation status:
Global: Endangered
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