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Year 7 to 10
Year 7 - 10 Programs
CSF Levels 5 and 6

Amazing Diversity Science

Animals have adapted to many different habitats. Students look at some of the diversity this has produced in Australia's fauna.

Roads to Extinction Science/SOSE

Why do animals go extinct? Look at two species that have become extinct in our region, one through habitat loss, the other through predation by feral foxes. Other animals that are threatened are then discussed. Animals can become threatened from such diverse reasons as change in fire regime to changes in water quality. What can be done?

Underwater Cafe

Our wetlands are home to an amazing variety of creatures. A ponding expedition discovers some of the smallest animals, then we look at some of the frogs and fishes normally hidden from our view. Students construct a food chain, to show what happens in this eat or be eaten world.

Night Safari 
(Evening excursion - special conditions apply)

Explore the Park's Moonlit Sanctuary. Discover Australia's unique nocturnal fauna. What adaptations are needed to cope with getting around in the dark? Why use the night, and sleep during the day?

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