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Fluffy Gliders A Unique New Attraction at Moonlit Sanctuary

A pair of endangered Fluffy Gliders have taken up residence at Moonlit Sanctuary, near Melbourne Australia. The gliders are part of a breeding program as the species has declined in numbers in the wild because of habitat loss. Moonlit Sanctuary is only one of two wildlife parks in the world to house the gliders, and the only one in Victoria.

Fluffy gliders, also known as Yellow-bellied gliders, are found in the mountain forests down the east coast of Australia. They can glide up to 150 metres between giant Mountain Ash, the world?s tallest flowering trees, and can make 90o turns mid flight.

Living so high up in trees, and being active at night, they are almost impossible to see in the wild. They are known as Fluffy Gliders because of their soft fur and long bushy tails. Gentle giants, they are more than 20 times heavier than their better known relative, the Sugar Glider. In the wild they feed on the sap of trees, as well as fruits and insects.

Fluffy Gliders can be seen on Moonlit Sanctuary evening tours, where they take great interest in their human visitors.

Moonlit Sanctuary is located 50 minutes from the centre of Melbourne at the top of the Mornington Peninsula.

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